Cabinetry & Built-ins


  cabinetry and built-ins

Traditional Frame and panel construction, and all other styles.

Any type of finish is available




  Doors of all types



All types of wood traditional frame and panel doors. We can fabricate recessed, raised, and flush panels. Any type of profile is available for the rails.

  • Traditional mortise & tenon construction
  • Doors fabricated to architectural specifications
  • Antique doors replicated with historic accurancy
  • Storm doors



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All species of hard and soft woods are available or can be specially ordered and and milled right on our premises.

For that "country" look and feel, you can order wide-board pine miled to your specifications, or chose more exotic woods lke cherry, walnut, ash, ect.




  Mortise and Tenon

We can replicate your old double hung windows for your restoration project, or follow any new architectural design

Vintage glass (hand made) is available for special orders as well all types of modern factory made glass and thermal pane.

  • Traditional double hung, all-wood windows
  • Windows made to architectural specifications
  • Traditional storm window
  • Screens

Storm Windows


  Wood Storm Windows

We produce traditional, all-wood storm windows. Ideal for restoration projects or new construction as well as for lowering heating costs..

  • All wood, mortise & tenon construction
  • Windows made to any size
  • Removable lower panel and screen
  • Vintage glass available
  • Weatherstrip and all necessary hardware




We have a large index of moulding cutter knifes for producing out-of date and typically unavailbale mouldings. We can made knifes made for any profile desired. Whether the mouding you need is too match an existing moulding or if it is a moulding you are designing. We are the souce for your restoration project needs.


Mantels & Architectural Details



Mantels and any architectural details made to your specifications.

Any type of finish is available



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