Thickness Planer


  Plane raw wood on thickness planer

Raw wood carefull examined and selected. Once sorted, it is planed to desired thickness on our thickness planer for production.



Table Saw



Planks are ripped to nominal dimensions which are determined for specific projects. Once edges are planed they are sorted the next proceedure.

Moulding Shaper


  Moulding shaper

We have a large index of moulding cutter knives for producing out-of date, and typically unavailable mouldings.

The moulding shaper is used in any number of applications, most often in creating a vast array of trim or mouldings, but also integral in the production of the components of windows and doors. In window and door production, the completed mullions, stiles and rails go the the tenon cutter or mortising tool.


Tenon Cutter


  Tenon cutting machine

Components of the cabinets are run through the tenon cutter. Traditional mortise and tenon contruction is used for frame and panel cabinets as well as for windows and doors.






Edges are planed to achieve the best finished results.

Planer cutting head




  moulding knives

We have a large index of moulding cutter knives for producing out-of date, and typically unavailble, mouldings. We can have knifes made for any profile desired. Whether the moulding you need is needed to match an existing moulding, or it is your own design for a moulding.

Some typical moulding knives:

Crown, bed, cove, wainscot & plycap, casing, base, stop, panel strip & mullion casing, shelf edge & screen moulding, panel quarter round, half round, base shoe, base cap, astragal, glass bead, shingle & panel molding, back relief, 1" rabbet, chair rail & molding, tongue & groove, picture, log cabin siding knives, woodmaster picture frame knives

Assembly & Finishing




Cabinet carcasses are assembled in production, face frames attached, then drawers and doors are fitted and hanged. Crown moldings and othr hardware are added as specified.

Cabinets and Built-ins are available in all finishes and can be made to any specifictions.


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